Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arpan Education NGO literates the unprivileged children

Established in January 2006, the Arpan Education NGO is serving the under-privileged and illiterate section of our society. The organization situated in Vasant Vihar, does not allow the poverty to become a reason to illiteracy. They run a proper schooling education for KG to ninth grade.

Several governmental as well as non- governmental bodies are engaged in coping with the persistent drop out rate in India. Arpan Education NGO is taking the initiatives in the same direction. They understand the basic needs of the human being and provide the food and clothing at their educational organization. Low socio-economic backgrounds do not allow people to get quality education, which serves as the main concern of to the educational NGOs.

Children need to be introduced to the softer side of life. However, poverty may severely affect this side for some children. Taking the responsibility for the proper development of children, the Arpan Education NGO provides nutritious food, occasional picnics, educational excursions and monthly gifts to the students. This motivates the children/ students to continue with the educational procedure as far as their basic and educational needs are satisfied. The NGO performs the function of a tuition center and provide one-hour classes on English and Mathematics for five days in a week.

The Arpan Education NGO is supported by House of Pearls. They concentrate on providing free tuition facilities to the unprivileged children so that they gain the power of knowledge and strength of education with the passage of time. The NGO organizes a medical check-up for students regularly so that they could maintain the healthy living. A healthy mind stays in a healthy body and students at Arpan Education NGO are ensured with both of them. The NGO works upon the funds from donations. They encourage any amount of donation, as the education cost of one child in their NGO is Rs.5, 500 per year.